Meet our Attorney Jason Aquilino

Jason Aquilino, Esq.

Jason Aquilino is the firm’s principal attorney.  He has been licensed to practice law since 2002.  Jason is a graduate of Wake Forest University (’98) and George Washington University Law Center (’02).  
Jason began his legal career as an associate at a large Washington, DC based law firm, where he handled business transactions and litigation matters related to licensing, copyright, trademark, Internet domain names, right of publicity and unfair competition.  
Jason has also worked as in-house corporate counsel at a large tax and accounting software and services provider, a software and services provider in the healthcare industry, and at a financial services company.  During that same time, Jason also serviced clients as a sole practitioner primarily in the area of licensing, copyright infringements, trademark registration, contracting and business dispute resolution. 
Jason formed AQUILINO LAW LLC to service start-ups, small businesses, and creative businesses with a focus on the arts and technology.     


Corporate Law Experience

With 3 years’ experience at a law firm and over 14 years as in-house counsel, there is very little that I have not seen or done.  I began my legal career counseling businesses, drafting business agreements, and litigating cases involving intellectual property and unfair competition.  I then served as in-house counsel at three companies, where I was part of the Senior Leadership Teams and counseled every segment of the business.  In my role as corporate counsel I have:

  • Drafted and negotiated a wide variety of business agreements, including, but not limited to: sales agreements, license agreements, referral agreements, service bureau agreements, master services agreements, independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, employee separation agreements, loan agreements, end user license agreements, confidentiality agreements, settlement agreements, and a various corporate agreements, policies and procedures;
  • Counseled marketing departments to write, review and/or revise all public facing documents, including, promotional emails, sweepstakes, press releases, press statements, print ads and more;
  • Worked alongside sales teams to write, review and negotiate sales agreements and close deals across the country and internationally;
  • Partnered with Human Resources to advise on a wide variety of employment law issues and disputes, including matters before the EEOC and Department of Labor;
  • Reviewed scores of technology vendor agreements for millions of dollars of IT procurements;
  • Counseled CEOs, CFOs and other C-suite executives regarding a wide variety of legal risks, regulatory matters, acquisitions, and disputes;
  • Served as Secretary at Board of Director meetings and recorded minutes and other board related duties;
  • Managed companies’ intellectual property assets and IP disputes, including patent matters;
  • Implemented contract management systems, managed paralegals and attorneys, and managed outside counsel relationships;
  • Handled a variety of corporate disputes that have involved drafting dispute letters, negotiating settlements and working with outside counsel;
  • Advised a collections department on a variety of legal issues involving compliance, disputes and litigation; and
  • Partnered with compliance departments to work on a large range of internal and regulatory compliance issues.

Notable Achievements

  • Jason has settled well over 200 business disputes, primarily involving copyright infringement, trademark infringement and contract breaches.
  • In 2017, Jason was a member of a team of sole practitioners that sued a large print-on-demand company in federal court for copyright infringement. Jason drafted the winning summary judgment motion that determined that company was not eligible for safe harbor protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Later, Jason and his team obtained a favorable result with a federal jury trial in Los Angeles. 
  • Jason was a panelist for the Licensing University at the 2019 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.  He has also been a speaker at licensing shows in New York.  

Get to Know Jason


When I am not providing legal services, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three kids (a boy and two girls).  We live in beautiful Kennesaw, GA near Kennesaw Mountain and enjoy hiking the mountain and going to the Marietta Square for concerts, special events or dinners.   We have a Golden Doodle that is lucky to get to come with us on occasion.  At the very least, she is an excuse to allow me to take a daily walk.  
I’ve always enjoyed creative outlets and my wife tells people that I am really an artist masquerading as an attorney.  I don’t think I am anywhere good enough to be a professional artist, so I enjoy helping those who are.  I do enjoy creative outlets, whether it be drawing, woodworking, cooking, playing guitar or piano or creating the odd craft here and there.  Lately, I have really enjoyed getting into weightlifting, which allows me an outlet for both exercise and self-improvement.