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Creative Legal Solutions for Creative Businesses

A law firm focused on serving the legal needs of creatives & creative businesses.

Ready to Serve Your Creative Business Needs

Aquilino Law primarily services creative and tech-based businesses throughout the US.  While we have a large focus in areas of law involving intellectual property, arts, entertainment and technology, we also provide general counsel to small and mid-size businesses in need of cost effective legal services. 

If you have a need that involves a copyright, trademark or a contract, AQUILINO LAW can most likely help.  We provide both offensive and defensive counsel in the areas of intellectual property and business law.  We are available to help you on the front-end to avoid legal pitfalls, while ready to support you with dispute resolution if issues present. 

We offer all prospective customers a free 20 minute strategy session so you can get to know us better and see how we can assist your business’s needs. 

Our Primary Services


Register your copyrights.
Fight copyright infringement by enforcing your rights.


Register trademarks for your brand, logo, slogan, products & services.  We also help to protect your marks.

Licensing & IP Acquisition

License intellectual property to or from others.  Sell or acquire IP with the right contract.

Business Law

We can help with your contract drafting, negotiating and disputes.  General Business Counsel services available, too!